Subansiri River Expedition

TRIP DATES: Dec 13 to Dec 23, 2017    Download PDF

Subansiri river flows into India’s Arunachal Pradesh at the China Tibet border. It is the largest tributary of the Siang Brahmaputra. This in one of the last wild rivers left on the planet. This river is a gem and it flows through some of the most pristine uninhabited rain forest left on the planet. The water is emerald green, teaming with many species of fish. We will raft down from Sonala to the Dam Site 160 km where the Subansiri river enters the plains.

The upper section is continual class 3 and 4 rapids demanding and technical. Whereas the lower section is less demanding pool and drop class 3. We will use hybrid rafts 14 foot self bailing rafts with rear mount ore frame with paddle assist. Our team did the first commercial decent of this amazing river in 2006. We have run this river section more than any other company. We have run 9 expeditions down the Subansiri river to date.