Brahmaputra River Expedition

TRIP DATES:  Nov 19-Dec 1  and Dec 2-14, 2017    Download PDF

The Brahmaputra River Expedition in India’s Far North Eastern State Arunachal Pradesh. This amazing river starts from its source located at the base of a Sacred Mountain located in western Tibet called Kailash. The river in known by the name of Zagpo flows eastward across Tibet where it drops through the deepest Canyon on earth the Zangpo Gourge entering India’s state of Arunachal Pradesh. Locally the Brahmaputra river is known as Siang. We will descend the river from Tuting to Pasighat 180 km section self contained for 7 days.

What to expect?

The Brahmaputra river is one of the largest volume rivers in Asia. The river is what we call a pool drop river, means a large rapid with a calm section below. This river is rated class 3 and 4. We will be using 18 foot self bailing white water rafts with center frame ore mount and paddle assist. Experience: Our team has run Brahmaputra river section more than any company on earth, since the first decent in November 1992 up to our last run down this river November 2015. Our river expedition team has run this river over 25 times. Kim personally have guided 14 descents. Book you Brahmaputra River Trip of a life time with Thunder Bow Expeditions.